Amazon CEO Bezos Helps Recover Apollo 11 Engines from the Atlantic

amazon-ceo-jeff-bezosApollo 11, the spacecraft that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin toward the big leap in human history was carried by the Saturn V rocket to outer space. The rocket had five single chamber liquid fueled engines, each having 1,522,000 ft-lb (6.77 MN) of thrust and stills is considered the most powerful rocket engine ever created. The engines plunged deep into the Atlantic Ocean after the liftoff.

It was last year that Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, announced that he would be funding an expedition team to recover the engines from the bed of Atlantic. The engine which was resting in the ocean bead for 40 years has now been recovered by his team.

The mission took three weeks at the ocean and his team found success in recovering two of five engines from the deep. Last year, Bezos and his team used sonar to find the exact location of the engines and identified that the engines were lying 3 miles deep in the Atlantic Ocean.


With remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) operated from a multi-purpose offshore vessel they tugged out the engines to the surface. After the recovery they found out the serial numbers had faded off.

Bezos says he is uncertain to confirm that the recovered engines belong to Apollo 11. NASA is involved in tracing the roots of the engines. If they can confirm the origin of the engines, Bezos would display the engines at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

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