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Sleeping AD Giant, Amazon Finally Stirs Up

Amazon has earned a reputation being a ‘sleeping giant’ in the world of advertisement. It’s the world largest online shopping portal and the company has harbored a trove of shopper-spending data. A lot of marketers have call it a great opportunity.


Creating Internet Advertising Network

The company for years has run ads on its own website and now it has taken its initial steps in becoming an Internet advertising network. It has earned the knowledge of placing targeted ads from some of the reputed advertisers across the web. Last year the company had launched Amazon mobile ad network and now the company is releasing ads via apps on tablets, iPhones and smartphones.

Amazon – A Competitor

The ad business is a new way to earn revenue and to keep a profitable margin than the retail operations. Now Amazon is posing to be a threat for the leaders like Google, Microsoft, AOL and Facebook. Now Amazon is aware what you have searched for and what all you have bought and this type of information is very lucrative for the advertisers. Data is similar to gold in the present marketing world.

Company Efforts

The company has made an effort to listen to the demands of the advertisers. They type of data required and the kind of scale you are searching for. According to an analyst, the online advertisers have a profit margin of 20-30% which is just opposite to 5% for the Amazon’s retail business.

Finally Amazon did not disclose the advertisement business outcome.



McDonald’s Faces Plummet in Global Market

McDonald’s faced a plummet in quarter sale of the year and it’s been claimed that it expects plummet in April too. McDonald’s being one of the largest chains of restaurant proclaimed that its overall income was marginally at hike of $1.27 billion but it’s facing a steep fall in the global market by 1%. The company complained about the competitive environment and even added the severe winter of States and Europe, to its complaint list.


For the economical and careful spender the yummy brands such as Taco Bell, Kfc & Pizza Hut has added something new to the US menus while Burger King and Wendy’s also have renovated their offerings. McDonald’s is concerned with its ‘Dollar Menu’ for which the analyst complain it’s gulping the company’s marginal profit. It had its effect at the Wall Street trading board even, where its shares were plummeted by 2%, the sales and profit figures were lower than expected.

First three months, McDonald’s underlying sales dropped by 1.2% at the US with 3% down as the operating income, inspite of this they claimed that they outperformed the challenge and there is a hike in the market share. While in Europe the sells plummeted by 1.1% and the company blamed about the economic uncertainty going on in the region.

Don Thompson, president and CEO of McDonald’s proclaimed that “for the month of April, the global comparable sales are expected to be slightly negative” and also added that they are confident about  the right plans in place to differentiate McDonald’s experience and strengthen their business momentum for a longer phase.



Surprising Decline in the Prices of Commodities

There has been a remarkable fall in the prices of minerals extracted from the core of the earth’s surface. This unnerving change in the prices of commodities has left everyone in a state of shock and surprise.


The New Turn Of Events And Its Impact On Global Market

Death bells are believed to be ringing in the current year for commodity super cycle. The global market has been adversely affected by the current scenario. Be it metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, copper or oils, the steep fall in their prices has affected the country’s economy to a great extent.

A Great Help For The Developing Countries

Developing countries seemed to have gained a lot from this sudden decline in commodity prices. Commodity exports contribute a lot in improving a country’s economy. Developing countries often suffer immensely due to erratic or instability in the earnings derived from the export. With the decline in the prices of commodities, developing countries can benefit manifold.

The Reasons Behind The Price Decline

The world renowned economists consider some of the factors responsible for the current scenario of the prices of commodities in global market. First and foremost what must be taken into consideration is the fact that due to price hike in the commodities earlier, the demand was marked to be significantly deteriorating.

However, in spite of low demands, the amount of productivity remained unchanged which is the second most important reason responsible for the sudden changes in commodity prices. The prices of the commodities are expected to fall much more by the end of this year.


Facebook allows international users can buy Gifts for their friends in U.S

Facebook started expanding its Gift product beyond the United States, the U.K users have reported. India and Canada can enjoy this service over this weekend. But it seems that the international users can send gifts to their friends who reside only in the U.S.

facebook gifts

‘Gifts’ was launched by Facebook way back in September 2012 so that the interested users can purchase digital and physical gifts via online. Yes, you can also buy it from your mobile. By the mid of December, the product was released only in the U.S.

Today evening, Facebook confirmed that it launched an update of the application which will allow people using Facebook outside U.S to send gifts to their friends who live in United States.

Matt Navarra, the U.K reader sent a screenshot of his own Facebook page. Pete Davison also reported how he received a similar notification about Gifts. On the dashboard, the users notice a note which states that they will be able to send gifts to their family and friends in United States. The Managing Director of Majestic Media, Mario Zelaya reported that he can access his dashboard right from Canada.

In United Kingdom and Canada, the Gifts in India can only be gifted to U.S users. This spreading out has enhanced the number of the Facebook audience, a new way for earning revenue. The growth of Gifts has been so far bit slowly but Facebook has earned a considerable profit.

Permitting the users to purchase gifts for their friends who stay outside U.S is a huge challenge in terms of legal issues and fulfillment. The aim is to make gifts available globally


HBO GO Might Cuddle Internet Subscription Plan

There are millions of subscribers for HBO – about 29 million on the main service. The internet streaming service called HBO GO was launched in 2010, and it allows users to stream or download all the original programs running on HBO, whatever it may be, on your PC or Android and iOS devices with HBO GO app.


The service now has about 6.5 million registered users. The current subscription model of HBO GO is such that you want to be a part of a cable TV service and also you need to pay an extra sum for getting the HBO.

That would fairly reach $100 for the monthly cable bills. This scheme is likely to be changed for the HBO GO in the coming days.

According to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, HBO GO might want to evolve with its broadband partners. “Right now we have the right model. Maybe HBO GO, with our broadband partners, could evolve.” He was talking to Reuters after the Premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3. Plepler says HBO GO could possibly be bundled with users’ monthly internet service package.

By doing so, consumers only have to pay $50 and an additional $10 or $15 for the HBO subscription. So that would only make a total of $60 or $65 in the place of paying more than $100 a month.

Cable satellite TV partners are from where HBO is receiving the major financial stakes. The new step might be a huge leap or might be a risky one for the company to change their distribution pattern from the cable providers.   “We would have to make the math work,” he says.


Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Heads for Apple

Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch has stepped down. What could be Adobe’s loss is sure to be gain for Apple, as Lynch will now take over as as vice president of technology at Apple. Lynch will be reporting to the senior vice president Bob Mansfield at Apple.


So who will fill the CTO position at Adobe? According to the company, there won’t be any replacement for now. But the responsibility will be shared between CEO Shantanu Narayen and senior vice president Bryan Lamkin.

Adobe’s departure note on Lynch reads that he will leave the company on March 22, to join Apple. Lynch’s career has some history working with Apple, when he was also part of developing Mac software.

At the same time, he was also well known for his criticism against Apple for not adopting Adobe’s Flash technology on the iOS platform.

Forrester VP and principal analyst Jeffrey Hammond thinks that the new hiring could make Apple leverage new strategies on cloud computing with the knowledge and experience of Lynch.

Adobe has done a pioneering job in using cloud for their products and this could mean that Apple is looking for gaining an upper hand to challenge its major contenders, Google and Microsoft, who are still rookies in the cloud arena right now.


Yahoo! Upsets Women With No Work-From-Home Policy

When you have a choice, you may not take it. However, when you don’t, you certainly crave for at least being given the option to choose. This is probably what goes through most of us when it comes to human resource policies in companies.

Marissa-MayerMarissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo!, could not have expected anything but wrath when she took away the option of working from home from its employees.

While only a small percentage of people in America work from home, they prefer having the flexibility of opting to if required. This seems to be the general sentiment of netizens the world over with their reactions to Mayer’s decision.

The internet is abuzz with how wrong the decision is. Mayer’s decision seems to have upset working moms the most. It is imperative that a majority of women with young children will be affected by this decision.

Given the reaction of people the world over, one wonders what Mayer had in mind when she came up with this idea. One would assume employee demoralization was not her idea and that she was rooting for increased productivity.

Does taking away a privilege such as this not affect productivity adversely? Could she not go for a few changes in the work-from-policy and not do away with completely?

One wonders if the hue and cry over this will make the Yahoo! CEO revisit her decision.


Nokia head falls without explanation!

Ilari Nurmi, Vice President in charge of product marketing products Windows Phone 8 t Nokia, leaves without explanation while the Lumia performs a mixed output.

“I left Nokia. I am grateful for the 15 years here. I wish the best for Nokia and I will try to get the Lumia 920 when it becomes available, “said Ilari Nurmi cryptically tweeted.

If the main person said no more, the Finnish giant is not even more talkative than Ilari Nurmi, vice president in charge of product marketing products Windows Phone 8, who occupied a key position, including being responsible for piloting the launch of several Windows Phone smartphones in the world.

But all the little quirks at the launch of Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920, like the episode of faked pictures during the presentation of the new Lumia, the lack of communication about the price and launch details, a long wait between the announcement and launch are all “details” that could justify a head falls even though the launch of the new Lumia is rather mixed.

This remains speculation, since it is impossible to know what motivated the departure of a part of this level at Nokia, but doubts remain …