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Planning For Your First Cottage

The cottage you live in is a huge part of the lifestyle you live. If you are joining the ranks of people who are growing tired of the bustling busy life, you may find the roundhome set up in a rural area to be a perfect cottage choice. By living in a home that takes full advantage of the views of your property, you enjoy the same sort of feel as the ancient nomads did with their sacred yurts. This sort of home allows you to regain your connection with nature and also allows you to move towards green living through its energy efficient construction. A great cottage house plan should be able to cut out any part of the design which tends to be wasteful. Waste in this sense can either refer to unnecessary use of additional materials or it can refer to the energy consumption of dwelling within the cottage. You should check out prefab cottages for many easy options.

Money – it is all about the money, right? When you start to plan your prefabricated cottage, the first thing to think about is the cost. You will likely want to work with your bank to determine the amount you are willing and able to spend. This is no different than going the traditional home building route. By determining this amount up front, you will quickly know the type and size of house you can afford and make a quick determination as to whether you want to continue down the building path. Having a prefab cottage will be just like having a regular cottage. You will go through a bank and have a mortgage on the home.You will pay a percentage rate on the home just as you would for any other loan. You will have a home of your own just as you want it and be able to afford it as well.

Prefab cottages are a whole lot faster. This is actually one of the other main reasons that people choose prefab materials to build their homes. Building a home from scratch can take the better part of the year, and that’s before all the finishing work like painting and flooring get done! If you want to build your own home but don’t want to be constantly hounding a contractor for the next eighteen months, a simple living in a modular structure might be the best option for you.

Be involved in the building process and ask questions if something does not seem right. This little extra step has avoided more misunderstandings than anything other precautionary effort. And most of all be ready to communicate with your builder. They can not read your mind you know.

For another style you might want to try to mix in or to even go completely with simple cottages. The cottage house is a great house for really anyone but it typically feels like the beach and the ocean and the fresh air that the coast brings. The cottage is very cozy like style and can also be easily weaved into a variety of other house styles. The cottage style although it sounds small can actually be large too depending on what you want to do with your home.

With a set of simple cottages, the owner knows right up front what they should expect their home to look like and if it has enough room to meet their life style. Not only this but, the plans are actually like a contract between the builder and owner as to what is expected. This actually protects both parties. Make sure that if any changes are made during construction it is marked on the plans and initialed by both parties.

If you are considering drawing up your own plans for a log cabin, there are a few things you must know, such as your needs and wants, which are two different things. Your needs are what you must have and wants are things that you would like to have. You probably know your needs and your budget is prepared for this, but when you’re considering your budget you should take into account the wants that you will be getting.


Climate Change is Now a Health Issue According to Obama


According to US President Barack Obama, climate change is no longer just an environmental issue as it directly affects the health of all Earth inhabitants.

White House official say that in the speech that President Obama gave on June 25, he narrated list of reasons why climate change is now considered to be a serious health risk. The speech was geared towards convincing Congress of his aggressive regulatory agenda to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

Being a Democrat, it is expected that Obama’s plan is likely to receive resistance from Republicans. In a survey conducted by Gallup, it was revealed that 64% of Republicans believe that the issue of climate change is overrated and it will not directly affect them in their lifetime. For this reason, the President has gathered several government agencies to come up with an effective way to reduce the amount of carbon emissions with or without the approval of Congress.

There are many safety and health risks involved in climate change. For one, a change of temperature will bring about longer and more frequent heat waves and that can translate to an increase in heat related illnesses and deaths. Next, it will also bring about extreme weather events such as hurricanes and typhoons. This will cause flash floods and heavy flooding that can cause damage to properties and take many lives.

While President Obama’s carbon emission regulatory plans is not considered to be very good, it is the only solution available at the moment.



10 Corporations with Solid Green Credentials

Being environmentally conscious is certainly a selling point for corporations trying to attract savvy young customers. But plenty of companies are trying to do more than just look green, implementing sound environmental practices into everything from their use of paper in interoffice communications to choosing suppliers with eco-friendly practices – and some are looking at the customers themselves.

green companies

The corporations in this list, compiled for us with the help of the UK-based electricity and gas comparison website Power Experts, seem to be going green at little to no cost, because they remain leaders in their respective industries.


The phone maker has recently started offering “eco hero” phones, made from recycled and biodegradable materials. For the rest of its line of products, Nokia publishes information on energy efficiency and packaging.

Marks & Spencer Group

The UK retailer is now carbon neutral and its garbage never reaches the landfills. And its fish comes from sustainable sources.

BT Group

The UK telecom giant has reduced its carbon footprint by 59% since 1996. The home phones it offers its customers are 50% more energy-efficient than standard models.

National Australia Bank

The Australian bank has gone carbon-neutral in 2010, by buying offsets and reducing its energy use. It has also made substantial investments in wind-power projects.


The tech giant uses recyclable materials whenever it can in its products, and has worked to increase the energy efficiency of its data centres. It also offers customers energy and water management software.


Intel has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% since 2007. It also buys a large chunk of American renewable power, buying 2.8 billion kWh in 2011.


The Indian IT services company has a LEED-certified headquarters in the U.S., and has vowed to make several of its campuses into biodiversity zones in the next three years.


The Dutch telecom company gets almost all of its power in the Netherlands and Belgium from green sources. Its goal is to have zero net carbon emissions by 2020.

Santander Brazil

Banco Santander’s Brazilian arm makes customers fill out a questionnaire about their green practices – and anyone deemed not environmentally conscious enough gets guidance before getting a loan or a line of credit.


Google is a leader in many things, green energy use included. The company’s data centres are 50% more energy efficient that the industry standard, its ubiquitous shuttles for employees cut 40 million vehicle miles per year, and it has invested close to a billion dollars in renewable energy.