Climate Change is Now a Health Issue According to Obama


According to US President Barack Obama, climate change is no longer just an environmental issue as it directly affects the health of all Earth inhabitants.

White House official say that in the speech that President Obama gave on June 25, he narrated list of reasons why climate change is now considered to be a serious health risk. The speech was geared towards convincing Congress of his aggressive regulatory agenda to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

Being a Democrat, it is expected that Obama’s plan is likely to receive resistance from Republicans. In a survey conducted by Gallup, it was revealed that 64% of Republicans believe that the issue of climate change is overrated and it will not directly affect them in their lifetime. For this reason, the President has gathered several government agencies to come up with an effective way to reduce the amount of carbon emissions with or without the approval of Congress.

There are many safety and health risks involved in climate change. For one, a change of temperature will bring about longer and more frequent heat waves and that can translate to an increase in heat related illnesses and deaths. Next, it will also bring about extreme weather events such as hurricanes and typhoons. This will cause flash floods and heavy flooding that can cause damage to properties and take many lives.

While President Obama’s carbon emission regulatory plans is not considered to be very good, it is the only solution available at the moment.


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