Current State of The Texas Economy

To Americans, all Texans, and anybody else in the WHOLE WORLD that cannot stand corruption, please read this piece. This is non-fiction.

The State Bar of Texas AND Texas politicians are the most corrupt in the US. The State Bar of Texas refuses to discipline attorneys who commit serious crimes such as forgery and insurance fraud. Texas politicians including Governor Rick Perry refuse to interfere, although by law they can force the State Bar to uphold Texas law. Dishonest attorneys run amok and unfazed in Texas practicing with clean records and defrauding their clients, because they know nothing will happen to them. I was told the State Bar of Texas is like a country club for attorneys. It proved to be true.

A Crowd of Information On Texas Governor

If Rick Perry spent a bit more time at work, he might know what is going on in the condition of Texas. Click this link;

I was defrauded by attorney Ilene Smoger of Dallas, TX. Twice, thanks to the corruption at the State Bar of Texas. I hired Ms. Smoger to be my attorney after a car accident. I went to view a chiropractic clinic, Lee Moses, and Moses Chiropractic Clinic referred me to his very good friend attorney Ilene Smoger. After I hired her, they engaged in insurance fraud by double-billing both my car and health insurance in respect of the same services. When the first insurance check arrived, she asked me to endorse it to the chiropractors. The check was already at their clinic. That is fraud. That check was to cover my medical bills. Later I found out this information, and that, in view of the amount involved and the seriousness of the crime-insurance fraud-by law Ms. Smoger should be disbarred and sent to gaol. At the time in Texas, insurance fraud involving an amount between $2, 000.00 And $10, 000 was called a state-jail felony and carried jail time, up to a year. I filed a complaint with the State bar against Ms. Smoger. We had a hearing. I brought all the evidence showing she defrauded me and committed insurance fraud. The investigative panel stated in clear terms she took my money. Ms. Smoger left the hearing in tears. Then the State Bar of Texas sent me a letter saying Ms. Smoger did not do anything wrong. According to the State Bar of Texas, an attorney who defrauds her client and commits insurance fraud and serious crimes that deserve disbarment and prison time IS NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. I was forced to keep her as one of my attorneys although she was no longer representing me.

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