Email Marketing Updates

In this day and age, everyone is familiar with email marketing. It’s a part of everyday life for both businesses and consumers. Companies create marketing content and then distribute it to customers via an email marketing platform. The problem is, the results can be hit or miss. What works for one company does not work for another. A message that speaks to a customer one month might have them reaching for the delete button the next. How do you increase your chances of obtaining a click-through? Just like any marketing strategy, the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign lies in attention to detail, careful planning, solid content and follow-up.

Most business owners realize that planning, implementing and sending a campaign are pieces involved in using an email marketing platform, but most people dismiss or ignore the appearance of following up. Business owners need to understand what prompts a customer to click a link in one email, but causes them to push delete in the next. Marketing automation software is the key to finding methods that help companies manage and track email marketing campaigns to measure results depending on their customer’s actions. You can track what your customers do after they click-through to your website from an email with marketing automation software. Customer information is stored as a contact, thus enabling you to assess email readership and site visits. All of this information will then enable you to work with your sales team to follow up with customers in a manner that speaks directly to them. When you know what piques their interest, it makes it easy to send marketing materials to them that will get them to click-through more often than not.

In order to accomplish results, and therefore success, businesses need to seek an email marketing platform that uses a marketing content management system. Such systems allow owners to share data across the variety of channels that exist in their lists, such as email, web communication, and mobile phone. This cross-channel communication is imperative to reach customers on their preferred level, therefore getting their interest in the manner that most speaks to them. Marketing content management systems store data in a centralized location, making it easy to access your customer’s data and apply it in the right ways. Then you can customize your content, whether voice, email or print, all from one location. In the end, it is a cost-effective system that reduces time spent on marketing while giving the most favorable results. Best of all, this type of management system results in a sophisticated marketing platform that is user-friendly and does not require extensive training or IT support.

Email Marketing Considerations

There are many advantages to be accessed through using a marketing content management system, including centralized storage, management, and distribution for approved marketing content, enhanced cross-channel collaboration, improved control over brand compliance and reliability. An efficient method means you have the capacity to personalize the content of emails, and save time and money for your business.

So, what does that mean?

Knowing how to reach your customers is just one piece of the puzzle. Obviously, all of this information is useless without a good mailing list. The ideal customer database is one that a business has compiled over time, in-house. These are people who’ve expressed an implicit desire to find out more about your products in the future. The ways in which a list can be built in-house is extensive and could include present or past customers, contacts, or potential customers that you meet at trade shows. Anyone and all of those who have expressed interest in your company is a viable alternative for a mailing list. If you do not have a mailing list, you can rent one. The price ranges vary based on a host of factors, and this adds to the total cost of your campaign, so it’s better if you can build your own list.

Investigating More About Email Marketing

In the end, the key to a good marketing campaign is choosing the right email marketing platform. It should include marketing automation software that enables you to track the results of your campaign by seeing what your customers do with the emails you send. Finally, all of this needs to be packaged with a marketing content management system that allows cross-channel communication, so you can access your mailing list customers through their preferred platform. You can achieve success by implementing these features into your next marketing campaign.

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