Facebook allows international users can buy Gifts for their friends in U.S

Facebook started expanding its Gift product beyond the United States, the U.K users have reported. India and Canada can enjoy this service over this weekend. But it seems that the international users can send gifts to their friends who reside only in the U.S.

facebook gifts

‘Gifts’ was launched by Facebook way back in September 2012 so that the interested users can purchase digital and physical gifts via online. Yes, you can also buy it from your mobile. By the mid of December, the product was released only in the U.S.

Today evening, Facebook confirmed that it launched an update of the application which will allow people using Facebook outside U.S to send gifts to their friends who live in United States.

Matt Navarra, the U.K reader sent a screenshot of his own Facebook page. Pete Davison also reported how he received a similar notification about Gifts. On the dashboard, the users notice a note which states that they will be able to send gifts to their family and friends in United States. The Managing Director of Majestic Media, Mario Zelaya reported that he can access his dashboard right from Canada.

In United Kingdom and Canada, the Gifts in India can only be gifted to U.S users. This spreading out has enhanced the number of the Facebook audience, a new way for earning revenue. The growth of Gifts has been so far bit slowly but Facebook has earned a considerable profit.

Permitting the users to purchase gifts for their friends who stay outside U.S is a huge challenge in terms of legal issues and fulfillment. The aim is to make gifts available globally

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