Firefox OS – Not so liked!


The Chinese manufacturer ZTE sold out its first production of the highly anticipated smart phone powered by Firefox OS. The Firefox OS is very much alike to IOS, the app works same as that in IOS and there is also doc for more frequent used apps. When you swipe from the left of the screen it will open Firefox app store.

Well, Firefox OS is a bit less sophisticated than others, but still it is a unique gadget and a breakthrough. Touch screen is not much responsive. The cheap hardware is not only to blame. There are also very limited set of apps in the app store, owing to the memory which is not enough to hold many. HTML 5 software comes with Firefox OS. Whether the fault lies in HTML or with the developers, the outcome is a not-so-smart smart phone. Firefox OS is narrowly any better than those feature phones. They are very dedicated in providing the best possible experience to their users. Mozilla’s hardware partner ZTE has declared that the ZTE Open will soon be heralded in UK.

The biggest setback in Firefox OS is that Gmail app (how furious would Gmail have been to see that). It is not only disgusting but also pathetic in Firefox OS and font is also too small. The keyboard is difficult to use it is bit smaller than other smart phones keyboard. This smart phone is best for teenagers and students as it is less expensive and most of the common apps like twitter, sound cloud, tumblr etc work very well.

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