Google Glass – Recreate Your Eye


Google glass is an innovative technology designed such that you can wear it as you wear eyeglasses throughout the day. It is the most recent computer from Google shaped like an eye glass frame. Google does such cool stuff all the times. Glass is designed around a display contained within a small box connected to the frame just above the right eye. Developers have already begun making applications for Google Glass. Glass responds by displaying on the screen and transmitting in your ear. You can easily access e-mails, social networking websites, text messages and pictures. Even those pictures can be displayed with no trouble that you took days back and your laptop requires minutes of scrolling down to view them. Google has placed the screen in a clear box to alert others that Glass display is active. It lists options in front of the user’s eyes, including “record a video,” “get directions to,” “send a message to,” “make a call to,” “send e-mail to” or “hang out with.” It’s awesome, isn’t it? All commands are obeyed via voice recognition technology. It has an app ‘FIELD TRIP’ which can track the user’s whereabouts and automatically relays information about the near restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions and much more. What I do not appreciate about Glass is that it reflects bright light and viewing the Glass in sunny afternoons is quite a difficult task. Google Glass is expected to start its sales in early 2014. Google has not announced a specific price point yet. It is too early I believe.

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