HBO GO Might Cuddle Internet Subscription Plan

There are millions of subscribers for HBO – about 29 million on the main service. The internet streaming service called HBO GO was launched in 2010, and it allows users to stream or download all the original programs running on HBO, whatever it may be, on your PC or Android and iOS devices with HBO GO app.


The service now has about 6.5 million registered users. The current subscription model of HBO GO is such that you want to be a part of a cable TV service and also you need to pay an extra sum for getting the HBO.

That would fairly reach $100 for the monthly cable bills. This scheme is likely to be changed for the HBO GO in the coming days.

According to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, HBO GO might want to evolve with its broadband partners. “Right now we have the right model. Maybe HBO GO, with our broadband partners, could evolve.” He was talking to Reuters after the Premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3. Plepler says HBO GO could possibly be bundled with users’ monthly internet service package.

By doing so, consumers only have to pay $50 and an additional $10 or $15 for the HBO subscription. So that would only make a total of $60 or $65 in the place of paying more than $100 a month.

Cable satellite TV partners are from where HBO is receiving the major financial stakes. The new step might be a huge leap or might be a risky one for the company to change their distribution pattern from the cable providers.   “We would have to make the math work,” he says.

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