How Location-based Mobile Marketing Can Benefit Businesses


Back in the day, businesses had to pay newspapers for ad space or TV stations for some air time so they could get word out about their products or services. It is undeniable that this type of marketing strategy is effective, albeit expensive. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to use one channel when it comes to marketing a business. Companies that can afford it launch marketing campaigns on different platforms such as the internet or mobile ads.

Many are still skeptical about the effectiveness of mobile marketing and how it really works. First of all, it is important to hire an expert in new marketing strategies to ensure the success of the campaign. Next, it is imperative that the expert you hire is capable of studying your target market and has the right tools to track their mobile activity. Lastly, your mobile marketing campaign should be location-based.

Now what is location-based mobile marketing and how can it benefit your business?

Basically, mobile marketing utilizes mobile Geofencing or Geomarketing technology. This technology allows businesses to locate customers who have opted-in to receive SMS promos and updates. By knowing where their customers are located, they would be able to send SMS updates that are most relevant to the customer. Of course, businesses would need to carry out various strategies to obtain permission from mobile subscribers.

Now how can this benefit your business? It’s simple. By knowing where your target market is and by regularly updating them about your business, you can be sure that word about your products or services will continue to circulate. As such, you are assured that revenues will continue to pour in.

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