Insights Into International Trade

I have purchased, studied and applied the Traders International course to my own trading, so it is on the basis of this viewpoint that I present this Traders International Review. Here I have outlined the course content (without spilling any beans!), What I found to be the most important issues and my overall opinion of the course, on-going training, support and Traders International as a whole.

B2Bs provided the database of international traders along with their products or/and services. In addition, they provided prevailing market information which always was essential for any enterprises involved especially, in international trade. With the advent of globalization, market information became very critical for any dealer to take decision pertaining to product sourcing, partnerships, alliances, exporting, transporting, etc. Leading B2Bs further provided separate section on international trade related topics with country specific solution. Such services have positioned B2Bs as indispensable trading tool for doing business around the world irrespective of the size of one’s business.

International Trade???

The major feature of a B2B portal is that, it helps one to search whichever products or services one is looking forward to sell or buy through’ Trade leads’. A Trade lead is zero but an outline of the product or service which one extends to the deal with an intention of selling or buying. A Trade lead further enables one to reduce the time spend on business exploration through its product or company specific search. All the leading B2Bs have Trade leads with details regarding the trader who has posted it and the time once it has been done. Thus B2Bs literally help a trader to interact with businesses in the world by just sitting in one’s office chamber and keying in some words of communication.

I first heard about eminis back in 2007 but unfortunately I was not able to start trading again. I had invested in stocks and traded in CFD’s (Contracts For Difference, a leveraged product) prior to this time but hadn’t had much success with the CFDs. This was largely due to a very small trading account that couldn’t handle the ups and downs of the market. So when I decided I wanted to get into trading eminis I first looked for where I could get a comprehensive education and more importantly for me, on-going support. One of the pitfalls I had fallen into with CFD’s was that when things weren’t going as I had thought they should, I did not have the support and advice to show me where I was going wrong and how to go back on track.

So after much searching on the net, I found Traders International and purchased their training course in January 2008. I chose their course because the e-course had many modules that covered all of the various aspects of trading eminis, including how to interpret charts and indicators, how to recognise signals, using the trading platforms and setting up a broker account. So the course was very strong on the technical side of trading. The e-course was well presented and as it was online I could do it whenever I wanted and at the speed I wanted.

I had never really taken a serious look at my money management skills or put together a trading plan that was suited to my circumstances, my funds and my personal style of trading. I was able to email off my trading plan to either of the support staff who looked over it to make sure it was sensible and do-able on the basis of fact that I was only new to emini trading.

What is truly traded about the overseas trade is cash. It in fact consists in the concurrent purchasing and sale of currencies. These are traded via brokers and are traded in pairs.

Having access to the LIVE Trading Rooms meant that I could learn as the action was happening. There are numerous on-line support sessions where I could ask plenty of those ‘dumb’ questions that we all have.

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