Irish – American Comedian Visits China

On April 27th, at the Bookworm in Sanlitun, Beijing, all the gigs of Des Bishop was being sold out. All the people from Irish-community were present there only to enjoy the stand-up routine of Des Bishop. Des Bishop is a well-known Irish-American comedian who is presently in China.


He will be living in China for one year for studying Chinese at Renmin University and shall be residing with a Chinese family in Haidian district to understand the Chinese culture in a better way. He will also shoot a documentary for Ireland’s National Broadcaster, RTE. He is also planning to start a monthly stand-up comedy club in English in the Bookworm and create a local scene there.

While commenting on his Visit to China Des Bishop said that the best way of describing China to the Western countries is to by learning the language. He also added by saying that the world has a lot of curiosity about China but there is so little coverage that people hardly gets any knowledge about the country. So by shooting the documentary, they will help the audience know more about China.

While talking about the stand-up comedy at the Bookworm, Bishop said that the stand-up comedy will do well in China, because the country is changing day by day and these changes in culture are well enacted in comedy.  Two other famous comedians Damon Sumner and Toby Jarmin from United States and Paul Creasey from Britain had joined Bishop during the performance at Bookworm too.

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