Liability Insurance Explained: 3 Basics You Should Know

When you are running a business, having the proper type of insurance in place is critical. Without the right kinds of insurance, you are leaving yourself open to a great deal of risk. One type of insurance that you have to have is liability coverage. Liability insurance helps protect you from a lot of unperceived situations that could come up in the course of running your business. Here are three basic concepts that you need understand about liability coverage for your business.

liability insurance1. Protects You From Legal Damages

The primary thing that liability insurance provides is protection against legal damages. If you are sued because of something that your business did or something that you failed to do, then the insurance policy kicks in to pay the damages or legal fees that you might incur.

For example, if someone comes into your place of business, slips on a wet floor and becomes injured, your policy will pay for any medical bills that the person incurs as well as pain and suffering. This can be a way to protect your business from incurring major bills that you cannot afford.

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2. It Has Limits

Most liability insurance policies have coverage limits that apply to the various scenarios that could occur. These coverage limits determine exactly how much the insurance company will pay for a claim. They typically have limits on each incident that occurs and lifetime limits that the policy will pay. You can typically choose what type of coverage limit you want, and the price of your premium is based on how big the limit is. If you go over this limit, then you will be responsible for paying for the rest of the damages that are incurred. This means that you need to choose a limit that is high enough to protect you while at the same time giving you an affordable premium.

3. It’s Risk-Based

Another factor that you need to consider is that liability insurance premiums are based on the level of risk that you are taking on. Not every business pays the same amount of money for premiums for liability insurance. If you are in a very risky business that carries with it the potential for a lot of legal claims, then you will probably have to pay more for your insurance coverage. If you are in a relatively low risk business, then you will not have to pay as much for your insurance premiums. When you are thinking about what type of business to get into, it’s important to look at the level of risk that it pertains. This will have a direct impact on how much your liability insurance costs and on the overhead that your business has to incur.

When you are ready to buy liability insurance for your business, it is generally a good idea to do a little bit of shopping around. This way, you can make sure that you find a policy that has the best features and the best price for you.

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