More Thoughts On Tool Manufacturers

It is easy to walk into a discount store and buy a plastic or metal toolbox to store the basic tools used regularly around the house. But what if you’re serious about your tools, you use them regularly for hobbies or work. Then you need to be in a position to store them somewhere that is organized and which you have quick access. You need more than just a box, you need to examine the tool chests available on the market today. A tool chest can be a serious investment unlike a basic tool box. There are basic chests that can be established on your workbench, all the way up to large tool chests on wheels. The price can range from $100 to over $2000, for a quality chest. But tools are expensive, so taking care of them and storing them properly is important. Lets take a look at some of the main tool chests manufacturers. machine tool shop

Remline specializes only in tool chests, ranging from the usual 26′ small tool chests all the way up to large, 56′ wide tool carts. They have a large variety of sizes and configuration of drawers so that anyone is required to find one to suit their needs. Remline builds all of their chests with the same high standards throughout the manufacturing process. Their products are designed for maximum utility and longevity.

Excel Hardware boasts being the industry’s leading manufacturer of metal storage systems. With a service center located in California, and a large overseas factory, their purpose is to provide the best quality tool chests and boxes at the most competitive prices. With Excel, you can start with the base tool chest on wheels, and then add a removable tool box on top. Though Excel has only been around since 2003, their slogan of’ Total customer satisfaction ‘, high quality and competitive prices have paid off to make them a major competitor in the field.

The most luring feature of a refurbished tool is its price which can be 20%-70% lower than the cost of a new tool. Because of the irregularity in the original tool, the manufacturer has to compensate for letting a substandard tool out in the marketplace and that compensation comes in the shape of heavy price cuts. Tradesmen basically have the same tool, sometimes even better, for a small part of the original tools price.

And, on another note…

Refurbished tools have slightly different packaging than the new ones and it is reported on the packaging that the tool isn’t new but a refurbished one. The purpose of the various package is to separate the refurbished tool from the new tool.

New tools usually have longer warranty period than refurbished tools. For example if a new instrument has a warranty of 1 year then for the refurbished version of the same pattern will have the warranty of 3 6 months. Some manufacturers may provide the full warranty of the new tool with refurbished models but that is extremely rare.

Craftline products are produced by the Platt & LaBonia Company. This has been around for more than fifty years. Their Craftline products allow an individual or business to customize their ideal workshop, so besides small and large tool chests, they also offer heavy duty work benches and carts, cabinets, wall panels, racks etc. The Platt & LaBonia Company pledge is that Craftline products are ‘engineered to withstand everyday use’. Coming from a company that has been around since 1945, you can bet that you will be able to trust them, and that they know what they’re doing.

Garage-Toys design their stainless steel tool chests, boxes and garage storage systems in Minnesota. They use high quality materials and craftsmanship, with laser cuts and TIG welds. They are a family owned business that takes pride in their work and in being known for high customer satisfaction. They are also a large company to go with if you wish to support USA manufactured products.

There are other tool chest manufacturer’s. However, these are four well known in the sector today. WIth any of them you’re getting a quality product that is intended to last. They are companies that recognize your investment in tools, and seek to help you to organise and protect that investment. Regardless of the kinds of tools you use, or why you use them, somewhere among these four companies, you ought to be able to find some tool chests that will work best for you.

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