Nintendo’s Miyamoto Looking to Make Money Out of Cartoons

Nintendo has always been cartoon friendly, and now comes news that Shigeru Miyamoto is dabbling with cartoons in the Pikmin universe.  In an interview with Polygon, Miyamoto confirmed that Nintendo is currently working on creating animated shorts in the Pikmin universe.


He has always declared a strong affection for the carrot-like creatures and the strange Captain Olimar, and now he seems to have found a perfect outlet to expand his universe beyond the boundaries of the games.

Nintendo has been licensing out its characters for animation since it entered the video game business more than 30 years ago.

Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. both got their chances on Saturday mornings, while Super Mario Bros. went through three different transformations from 1989 to 1994. But despite its long history with animated programming, Nintendo has rarely been directly involved with the cartoons’ production till now.

Miyamoto hasn’t yet thought of the Nintendo 3DS as being used for more than just a platform for video games. But Nintendo has an idea to generate some cash and expand into the realm of entertainment distribution.

The videos were originally intended to create hype for the upcoming Pikmin 3 on the Nintendo Wii U, but they could be used for so much more should they become popular enough.

The cartoons are expected to be released before Pikmin 3′s arrival on the Nintendo Wii U, though no official dates are out yet.

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