Nokia head falls without explanation!

Ilari Nurmi, Vice President in charge of product marketing products Windows Phone 8 t Nokia, leaves without explanation while the Lumia performs a mixed output.

“I left Nokia. I am grateful for the 15 years here. I wish the best for Nokia and I will try to get the Lumia 920 when it becomes available, “said Ilari Nurmi cryptically tweeted.

If the main person said no more, the Finnish giant is not even more talkative than Ilari Nurmi, vice president in charge of product marketing products Windows Phone 8, who occupied a key position, including being responsible for piloting the launch of several Windows Phone smartphones in the world.

But all the little quirks at the launch of Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920, like the episode of faked pictures during the presentation of the new Lumia, the lack of communication about the price and launch details, a long wait between the announcement and launch are all “details” that could justify a head falls even though the launch of the new Lumia is rather mixed.

This remains speculation, since it is impossible to know what motivated the departure of a part of this level at Nokia, but doubts remain …

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