How NBN helps improve your business in ways beyond the obvious speed advantage!

In recent times, the NBN has been in the news Down Under for more reasons than one. But as small and medium business groups are turning towards this high-speed broadband internet connection, the true advantage of this unique system is starting to emerge.

The NBN rollout was initially perceived as a way to offer corporate houses a faster and more connected broadband service. While, that is the prime objective of the initiative, those who have already made the jump are starting to realize that speed and connectivity bring along with them a multitude of ergonomic and economic perks.

nbn rollout

The constant and seamless high-speed broadband offered by NBN ensures ease when it comes to services like cloud computing. Accessing data and sharing it in an office environment also tend to become a lot more hassle-free his not only saves money and time, but also boosts employee morale. Since cloud computing also offers the cost advantage of doing away with local serves, offices can now allocate these resources for other more profitable ventures.

An increased bandwidth also allows business firms to plug in more number of devices and access greater amount of data. With simultaneous tasks being run at a high speed, frugality is once again easily achieved. Facilities like uninterrupted HD-video conferencing also have allowed smaller businesses to interact with important clients across Australia without actually having to invite them over all the way from one corner of the country to another. Saving both travel time and costs, this definitely enables firms to improve both inter-state and international contacts with ease.

In this time and age, having an internet presence is must for every business. In a country like Australia where latest surveys indicate a monumental shift towards mobile platform consumers, this becomes even more essential. From providing quality VoIP calls to offering uncompromised quality the National Broadband Network aims to take connectivity in Australia to a whole new level. And now is the time to jump on this lucrative bandwagon!


How Location-based Mobile Marketing Can Benefit Businesses


Back in the day, businesses had to pay newspapers for ad space or TV stations for some air time so they could get word out about their products or services. It is undeniable that this type of marketing strategy is effective, albeit expensive. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to use one channel when it comes to marketing a business. Companies that can afford it launch marketing campaigns on different platforms such as the internet or mobile ads.

Many are still skeptical about the effectiveness of mobile marketing and how it really works. First of all, it is important to hire an expert in new marketing strategies to ensure the success of the campaign. Next, it is imperative that the expert you hire is capable of studying your target market and has the right tools to track their mobile activity. Lastly, your mobile marketing campaign should be location-based.

Now what is location-based mobile marketing and how can it benefit your business?

Basically, mobile marketing utilizes mobile Geofencing or Geomarketing technology. This technology allows businesses to locate customers who have opted-in to receive SMS promos and updates. By knowing where their customers are located, they would be able to send SMS updates that are most relevant to the customer. Of course, businesses would need to carry out various strategies to obtain permission from mobile subscribers.

Now how can this benefit your business? It’s simple. By knowing where your target market is and by regularly updating them about your business, you can be sure that word about your products or services will continue to circulate. As such, you are assured that revenues will continue to pour in.


Climate Change is Now a Health Issue According to Obama


According to US President Barack Obama, climate change is no longer just an environmental issue as it directly affects the health of all Earth inhabitants.

White House official say that in the speech that President Obama gave on June 25, he narrated list of reasons why climate change is now considered to be a serious health risk. The speech was geared towards convincing Congress of his aggressive regulatory agenda to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

Being a Democrat, it is expected that Obama’s plan is likely to receive resistance from Republicans. In a survey conducted by Gallup, it was revealed that 64% of Republicans believe that the issue of climate change is overrated and it will not directly affect them in their lifetime. For this reason, the President has gathered several government agencies to come up with an effective way to reduce the amount of carbon emissions with or without the approval of Congress.

There are many safety and health risks involved in climate change. For one, a change of temperature will bring about longer and more frequent heat waves and that can translate to an increase in heat related illnesses and deaths. Next, it will also bring about extreme weather events such as hurricanes and typhoons. This will cause flash floods and heavy flooding that can cause damage to properties and take many lives.

While President Obama’s carbon emission regulatory plans is not considered to be very good, it is the only solution available at the moment.



Top 5 Weirdest Car Insurance Claims

Car insurance claims tend to be pretty routine affairs. The vast majority of them involve cracked windscreens or fender-bender damage caused by a moment’s carelessness by a motorist. At most you might expect a small amount of drama involved in the accident report as irritated motorists remonstrate with each other, but that’s about it.

However, every now and then an insurance firm will come across something that raises a few eyebrows. Occasionally, a claim will arise that is stranger than fiction but just as gripping. We’ve collated 5 genuine insurance claim incidents that must be read to be believed.

1: The Case of the Triple Whammy

car insurance claims

Imagine being involved in not one accident, but three, all in quick succession! This driver collided with the rear end of the car in front of him, he then reversed to survey the damage, piling into the front of the car behind him. He then swiftly opened the door to get out and talk with the other drivers, only to knock down a passing cyclist with the open door!

2: The Case of the Flying Mattress

car flying mattress

In December 2011, a couple from Seattle managed to cause a 3-car-pile-up because they failed to properly secure a mattress to the top of their SUV. Inevitably, after some heavy cornering, the mattress shed its rope moorings and landed in the middle of the road, causing the pile-up.

The story gets stranger though, as the female driver fled the scene leaving her male companion to deal with the resultant mess. However, when one of the bystanders caught up with her, they saw a man’s head bobbing up and down from the backseat as he tried inexpertly to hide and remain undetected.

3: The Case of the Alternative Fuel Source

car altenative fuel source

In 2009 a Cumbrian motorist filed a rather embarrassing claim describing how he had filled his hire car’s fuel tank with Pantene’s finest 2-in-1 conditioner and shampoo, mistaking it for petrol. How he managed to make the mistake of that magnitude is anyone’s guess but supposedly he believed that his hired car was ‘worth it’!

4: The Case of the Blamed Hailstorm

As a large hailstorm swept over parts of Mid-West America in the 1990’s, a large number of claims were filed for cars and other vehicles being damaged by the freak weather. However, one such claim was viewed as being hugely suspicious as the claimant’s car had perfectly symmetrical, round divots across the entire vehicle’s surface.

Case of the Blamed Hailstorm

His insurer rejected the claim, informing the client that he had clearly damaged the car himself with a metalworking hammer. Shamelessly, the claimant didn’t slink off in embarrassment but instead filed a police report stating that an unknown vandal had attacked his car with a hammer!

Despite the hugely suspicious circumstances, the claim was upheld as the insurer couldn’t prove that the claimant hadn’t caused the damage himself.

5: The Case of the Careless Shotgun Discharge

Careless Shotgun Discharge

While hopping out of his truck, a client of Hettler Insurance Agency managed to lose his grip on his shotgun and discharge it into the interior of the vehicle’s cab section. While the driver luckily escaped any injury, his truck’s interior took a serious blasting. Luckily for him, his comprehensive insurance covered the damages even though they were self-inflicted.


Top 10 Car Adverts of All Time

Very few commercial groups try as hard to create memorable adverts as the car industry does. It’s partly because they have the budget, partly because cars are often viewed as products with real personality and finally because the competition is so fierce.

Fortunately this means that us consumers get treated to an awesome array of original adverts every year. Whether they’re funny, shocking, experimental or just downright cool, memorable car commercials continue to come across our screens thick and fast. The only real problem with this is that it makes it very difficult to narrow it down to a top ten list of our all-time favourites!

Volkswagen: The Force

An all-round favourite, nobody knows the value of cuteness better than Volkswagen as this advert surely attests. With over 57 million YouTube views, this Super Bowl 2011 headliner is considered to be the most successful car advert of all time.

Peugeot 206: The Sculptor

Like so many classic ads, this one keeps you guessing until the end. His face just says it all, the pride of ownership and personal customisation all rolled into one.

Honda Accord: The Cog

Would you believe that this entire advert is entirely real and unassisted by CGI? It took over 600 attempts for the Honda engineering team to get the set up to work but we think that it was well worth the effort.

Tragically, they did have to disassemble two of the only six hand-created Honda accords in the world in order to get the composite parts.

Skoda Fabia: A Piece of Cake

This is the most delicious car we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, the fuel economy on this particular model is probably quite poor and we don’t think it would perform well in a crash situation!

Renault Clio: Nicole and Papa

A classic 90s advert that celebrates French joie de vivre and spawned an instant catchphrase to boot. Vincent Cassel seems perfectly content to take on Papa in order to win his approval and Nicole’s hand.

Audi A4: Not My Style

Audi plays a lovely game of misdirection, turning arrogance on its head to give its A4 an enhanced image through subtle understatement. It resonates with audiences now as well as it did when it first aired, as there’s always ‘that type’ of brash city boy to hate!

Chevrolet: Bank Robbery

You’ve got to love a car company that can laugh at itself. When Chevrolet discovered that it had created a car so dull that it was practically invisible, this advert was their response to promote the forthcoming new model. That’s self-deprecating humour that we can all appreciate.

Toyota GT 86: The Real Deal

While it may be a little off-kilter, Toyota’s GT 86 advert certainly got people’s attention with its lovingly rendered CGI with the dramatic breakout into reality. The creators have managed to stay just the right side of eccentricity and leave us with a very memorable advert.

Volkswagen: Just Like a Golf

From car hire desks to boy racer garages, everyone wants their car to drive like a Golf!

Fiat Polo: Don’t Touch my Car

Never underestimate the eternal feud between drivers and cyclists! Although a touch mean-spirited, this ad does neatly tap into the territorial streak inherent in many car drivers.


Evolving SIP Trunk Architecture: Why UK SME’s are Choosing SIP

The shrinking ISDN market in the UK is a clear indication that not only are businesses having to evolve their communication channels, but that SIP trunking is the way forward. IP PBX and unified communications are big business for SIP Resellers and channel partners as well as big technological advances for SME’s. For those who are unaware of the technology, SIP Trunking provides “Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service” that are far more cost effective and reliable than the ISDN services which many business firms are used to.

sip trunking

Traditional ISDN changed the telecoms industry massively, and has been a popular channel for over 25 years. However, with businesses requiring a more integrated system, ISDN channels have declined by almost a quarter since 2007.

While those close to the communications sector will be more bothered about the nuances of SIP Trunking, the business sector are widely concerned with its cost benefits and advantages. With industry experts predicting SIP Trunking to be the fastest growing business VoIP segment in the next decade or so, it does seem like the best choice for both small and large scale firms when addressing connectivity and quality phone services.

But SIP Trunking has evolved much beyond just cheap VoIP calls and integrated communications.

While initially a centralised architecture was considered key for SIP Trunking and its success, varying needs and growing markets have changed this equation in favour of a more distributed and diversified vision. With each enterprise having a different business need, the SIP Trunking services are being constantly altered to suit individual demands and are renowned for being so flexible.

At the heart of it all is the fact that cost effectiveness, flexibility, continuity, quality VoIP and unified services that SIP Trunking offers. With leading providers like Gamma SIP Trunks offering reliable, inexpensive and efficient services that eliminate the necessity of ISDN lines, SIP Trunking is a wise choice from both an economic and executive perspective. With market research suggesting that the current penetration rate is less than 15 percent, the potential clientele is indeed huge.

This also falls into the prediction that the market segment growth in the next few years will make SIP Trunking the leader in its sector. A vast market in Europe, North America and Asia awaits SIP Trunks. The only question now will be how effectively and swiftly can software service providers take the technology to business houses – big and small!


Downfall in home construction: feel the positive effect of new home share in inventory

Even after the extension the building permit, there is a downfall of new home construction in the month of April. Since the sale of homes rose in the past few years but the rate of mortgage remains low. But, in the last two weeks the mortgage rate rose slightly.


A tight fight among the analysts as well as buyers can be viewed due to low construction levels and struggle for homes. The milestone of dropping price in April has been marked in March. Builders have planned to construct one million homes due to the construction plan of multifamily homes such as condominiums, apartments etc. But the housing has reached the figure of 853,000.

There was a crisis more than expected in the construction process. Since the real estate companies applied for the permit, the declining effect shown in the month of April can be temporary. The above statement was spoken by one of the chef economist in a real estate firm who is named as Jed Kolko. According to him, the construction has a strong expectation to pick up as lots of permits have been issued last month.

With the rise in home prices, real estate firms can feel the demand for new homes. In the share of housing inventory, new homes occupy a small position. But, even then their contribution is really significant in the market. Since the units per share of the new homes are increasing, this can easily help in increasing of the inventory in the long run.


Irish – American Comedian Visits China

On April 27th, at the Bookworm in Sanlitun, Beijing, all the gigs of Des Bishop was being sold out. All the people from Irish-community were present there only to enjoy the stand-up routine of Des Bishop. Des Bishop is a well-known Irish-American comedian who is presently in China.


He will be living in China for one year for studying Chinese at Renmin University and shall be residing with a Chinese family in Haidian district to understand the Chinese culture in a better way. He will also shoot a documentary for Ireland’s National Broadcaster, RTE. He is also planning to start a monthly stand-up comedy club in English in the Bookworm and create a local scene there.

While commenting on his Visit to China Des Bishop said that the best way of describing China to the Western countries is to by learning the language. He also added by saying that the world has a lot of curiosity about China but there is so little coverage that people hardly gets any knowledge about the country. So by shooting the documentary, they will help the audience know more about China.

While talking about the stand-up comedy at the Bookworm, Bishop said that the stand-up comedy will do well in China, because the country is changing day by day and these changes in culture are well enacted in comedy.  Two other famous comedians Damon Sumner and Toby Jarmin from United States and Paul Creasey from Britain had joined Bishop during the performance at Bookworm too.


Heath Care Cost in Retirement: Higher Than What You Can Think

A service holder in his or her middle age must think about the amount he/she require after retirement to lead a happy, healthy and comfortable life. This is something that gives us a lot if stress. Of all the other expenses after retirement, healthcare is one of the major aspects According to a report, a couple usually requires around $2, 20,000 after retirement to cover their medical expenses when the average life expectancy for a husband is 62 years and wife is 85 years.


But the above estimate only covers the medical expenses. The couple has to spend an additional amount for nursing home cost and ailment cost. You must plan for your retirement expenses while you are in service as this medical expense is likely to wash away major portion an individual’s expense.

According to the research laid down in benefit provided by the private sector to its employees, they do not cover health benefit or a retiree. There are many organizations that provide health benefits to the retirees. While availing the benefits, the retiree has to face the tightened eligibility, raised premiums and reduction in benefits.

Employers do not hold any obligation to provide an adequate retiree health benefits. Even, there is a chance for the future retirees to get negligible health benefits after retirement. Unfortunately, the employers make changes on them as well. If you have a medical insurance or Medicare, it will only cover 60% of your health care services and treatment. The best way to get away from all troubles will be to stay fit and avoid sickness.


Pays In Tax: Role Of Guardian Investigators For Amazon’s Avoidance In Fare Tax Share

With an investigation by Guardians with regard to tax rule book in Britain, MP’s were raising voice for limiting the tax bill. According to the finding of the investigation, Amazon was really close to the breaking point with the activity of imposing the tax avoiding structure.  A tough line is drawn from the HM revenue with the operation of multimillion British pounds.


The fact about the business being taxable is fairly indicated by its location. A negotiation in the contract was made by Luxembourg, Amazon and the Staff from British head office. Thrashing out of details of the contract was done by the mass from slough with regard to the discount that was agreed upon.

The advertisement companies also posted job for various position for Amazon. Even after the tax charge of £3.2m, Amazon was successful in receiving the tax grant of   £2.5m. Thus, a new sit was opened at Hemel Hempstead.  Amazon also has a good reason for avoiding the payment of ten million pound. According to the Chair person of public account committee, he is having concern about Amazon’s activity in avoiding the fare share of tax.

The Guardians investigation also looked into HMRC manuals, taxation treaties guidelines, and international double taxation treaties for finding the fair means of taxation. This has become a complex issue for all retail business that falls under this category. Even the tax officials did not comment on Amazon directly. But, they stated to ensure payment of tax by the multinationals in accordance with UK tax laws.


Adidas Left an Indelible Mark in Share Market

The share price of Adidas sportswear manufacturer has made a new highest record when the firm reported about a huge profit within the first three months of 2013. Although the market became a little weak with the profit margin grow irresistibly.


This German Company’s’ share price rushed 6.5 percent in early trading Friday and the company gained 84.75 Euros $110.4 by setting a new record). Its net profit in the first quarter of this year increased to 6 percent to 308 million euros if you compare it with the results of the previous year.

Fortunately, when the sales slightly decreased around 2 percent to 3.75 billion Euros, a significant hike in margins showed rising profitability at the firm. Adidas reveals the fact that it had reached a margin of 50.1 percent again whereas the earlier figure was around 50%.

The increase in profit and margin resulted in the shares of Adidas as one of the top picks in the consumer goods’ division. The chief executive of Adidas Herbert Hainer said that the sales have recently increased due to Olympic and European football championship.

Besieged by Reebok, Adidas gained a profit of 265 m-euros whereas Reebok lost a major US football contract with the NFL because of the scam that exposed at its Indian operations.

Right now, the Company tries to increase their sales in 2013 with the help of different programs such as yoga, dance and fitness training. According to Herbert Stum, the result was awesome as the company became successful and it improved their margin in the competitive market.