Tanera Mor For Sale

It is a rare opportunity to own a 800-acre Scottish island which has been occupied since the time of the Vikings. Tanera Mor, the island in the Summer Isles in Wester Ross is now on sale for whopping £2.5m. The Wilder family have been proud owners of the island since 1996. The land was an investment by the family after the sale of their dairy farm in the Wiltshire.


The current caretakers of the island, Lizzie & Richard Williams, daughter and son-in-law of Mr.Wilder, have expressed their desire to put up the island for sale. Discussions are being held with the local community, Coigach, regarding sale and whether they may consider on buying the island. However, with Coigach community having too many projects up their sleeves already, the deal has been declined. Irrespective of the unsuccessful deal, the Coigach community have been very supportive of the sale.

The sale is currently under the supervision and execution by the property consultant, CKD Galbraith. John Bound, of the CKD Galbraith has highlighted Tanera Mor as ‘not just a mere island,’ but its breathtaking locations and rich heritage will definitely win the hearts of many. The island is a perfect family residence. Even though Tanera Mor has experienced the livelihood of the Vikings, it now has a cafe and a post office. This island will not just be an investment for interested parties but it will be a home away from home, Tanera Mor.


Liability Insurance Explained: 3 Basics You Should Know

When you are running a business, having the proper type of insurance in place is critical. Without the right kinds of insurance, you are leaving yourself open to a great deal of risk. One type of insurance that you have to have is liability coverage. Liability insurance helps protect you from a lot of unperceived situations that could come up in the course of running your business. Here are three basic concepts that you need understand about liability coverage for your business.

liability insurance1. Protects You From Legal Damages

The primary thing that liability insurance provides is protection against legal damages. If you are sued because of something that your business did or something that you failed to do, then the insurance policy kicks in to pay the damages or legal fees that you might incur.

For example, if someone comes into your place of business, slips on a wet floor and becomes injured, your policy will pay for any medical bills that the person incurs as well as pain and suffering. This can be a way to protect your business from incurring major bills that you cannot afford.

As an example, you can read in more detail what liability insurance can offer a business on this website.

2. It Has Limits

Most liability insurance policies have coverage limits that apply to the various scenarios that could occur. These coverage limits determine exactly how much the insurance company will pay for a claim. They typically have limits on each incident that occurs and lifetime limits that the policy will pay. You can typically choose what type of coverage limit you want, and the price of your premium is based on how big the limit is. If you go over this limit, then you will be responsible for paying for the rest of the damages that are incurred. This means that you need to choose a limit that is high enough to protect you while at the same time giving you an affordable premium.

3. It’s Risk-Based

Another factor that you need to consider is that liability insurance premiums are based on the level of risk that you are taking on. Not every business pays the same amount of money for premiums for liability insurance. If you are in a very risky business that carries with it the potential for a lot of legal claims, then you will probably have to pay more for your insurance coverage. If you are in a relatively low risk business, then you will not have to pay as much for your insurance premiums. When you are thinking about what type of business to get into, it’s important to look at the level of risk that it pertains. This will have a direct impact on how much your liability insurance costs and on the overhead that your business has to incur.

When you are ready to buy liability insurance for your business, it is generally a good idea to do a little bit of shopping around. This way, you can make sure that you find a policy that has the best features and the best price for you.


10 Corporations with Solid Green Credentials

Being environmentally conscious is certainly a selling point for corporations trying to attract savvy young customers. But plenty of companies are trying to do more than just look green, implementing sound environmental practices into everything from their use of paper in interoffice communications to choosing suppliers with eco-friendly practices – and some are looking at the customers themselves.

green companies

The corporations in this list, compiled for us with the help of the UK-based electricity and gas comparison website Power Experts, seem to be going green at little to no cost, because they remain leaders in their respective industries.


The phone maker has recently started offering “eco hero” phones, made from recycled and biodegradable materials. For the rest of its line of products, Nokia publishes information on energy efficiency and packaging.

Marks & Spencer Group

The UK retailer is now carbon neutral and its garbage never reaches the landfills. And its fish comes from sustainable sources.

BT Group

The UK telecom giant has reduced its carbon footprint by 59% since 1996. The home phones it offers its customers are 50% more energy-efficient than standard models.

National Australia Bank

The Australian bank has gone carbon-neutral in 2010, by buying offsets and reducing its energy use. It has also made substantial investments in wind-power projects.


The tech giant uses recyclable materials whenever it can in its products, and has worked to increase the energy efficiency of its data centres. It also offers customers energy and water management software.


Intel has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% since 2007. It also buys a large chunk of American renewable power, buying 2.8 billion kWh in 2011.


The Indian IT services company has a LEED-certified headquarters in the U.S., and has vowed to make several of its campuses into biodiversity zones in the next three years.


The Dutch telecom company gets almost all of its power in the Netherlands and Belgium from green sources. Its goal is to have zero net carbon emissions by 2020.

Santander Brazil

Banco Santander’s Brazilian arm makes customers fill out a questionnaire about their green practices – and anyone deemed not environmentally conscious enough gets guidance before getting a loan or a line of credit.


Google is a leader in many things, green energy use included. The company’s data centres are 50% more energy efficient that the industry standard, its ubiquitous shuttles for employees cut 40 million vehicle miles per year, and it has invested close to a billion dollars in renewable energy.


Kaizen Strikes Russian Business

When people talk about technology and business markets, the name which strikes everybody is that of Russia. People and nations across the world, make sure that no stones are kept unturned in understanding the business and markets of Russia, so, that they can design their policies accordingly to compete with them. The top news which featured the Business of Russia over sometime now include, Economic development minister Andrei Belousov said and warned in an official press meeting that, Russia has “three, four a maximum of five years”, to carry out structural reforms. Russia entered the $2 trillion global market for exchange traded products.

Russian Business

The cabinet on Monday said that it had fulfilled 73 percent of the orders that President Vladimir Putin gave on the day of his inauguration in May. Polish gas group PGNiG sacks CEO over Gazprom deal. Surgutneftegas revealed a $29 billion cash pile as it reported annual results to international financial reporting standards for the first time in 10 years. First deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov invited Japan to work with Russia on building a 10 km bridge to connect Sakhalin Island to Russian mainland.

President Putin bestows Soviet Era-Labor awards on May Day holiday. One can get all these news on the official website of any news channel, or through newspaper, if they want to get comprehensive details of every headline, which strikes the business industries. It is very essential to have knowledge of what is going on around us, especially in business sectors, so, that one can take the needed steps to stabilise their position in the marketing world.


Business World Takes A New Dimension in UK

United Kingdom (UK) is considered as one of the most lucrative place, where any nation can invest for a better output. But however, over the recent times the business world in United Kingdom has been facing doldrums. The recent news, which has sparked concern among the traders and the common man, is that of the power outage, which is going to affect several hundreds of properties at Covent Garden. There has been another news which has been the talk of the town, is the UK manufacturing index stabilises and Pound hits multi-month high. The increase in the rate of pound has posed severe challenges to the economies of other world markets.

UK Business

The UK government pushes for commercial ties with Kuwait, London has launched an event to focus on doubling bilateral trade which would be around $4bn. David Cameron the prime minister of Great Britain meets the UAE president at Downing Street, to push for Dubai torture probe, and it is expected that the meeting would be fruitful this time. Regulator proposes cuts on Heathrow charges, to ensure that the charges are within the comfort zone of common man. Five charged over 125 million pounds for film tax scheme; these were the charges of conspiracy to defraud investors.

Banks sought to handle royal mail sale, minister to confirm start of tendering process to recruit advisers. These were some of the business news from UK, which were featured as top business news from UK. If one wants to know more about this news, one can browse through the websites of different news channels, or should get habituated to read newspapers on a regular basis.



Sleeping AD Giant, Amazon Finally Stirs Up

Amazon has earned a reputation being a ‘sleeping giant’ in the world of advertisement. It’s the world largest online shopping portal and the company has harbored a trove of shopper-spending data. A lot of marketers have call it a great opportunity.


Creating Internet Advertising Network

The company for years has run ads on its own website and now it has taken its initial steps in becoming an Internet advertising network. It has earned the knowledge of placing targeted ads from some of the reputed advertisers across the web. Last year the company had launched Amazon mobile ad network and now the company is releasing ads via apps on tablets, iPhones and smartphones.

Amazon – A Competitor

The ad business is a new way to earn revenue and to keep a profitable margin than the retail operations. Now Amazon is posing to be a threat for the leaders like Google, Microsoft, AOL and Facebook. Now Amazon is aware what you have searched for and what all you have bought and this type of information is very lucrative for the advertisers. Data is similar to gold in the present marketing world.

Company Efforts

The company has made an effort to listen to the demands of the advertisers. They type of data required and the kind of scale you are searching for. According to an analyst, the online advertisers have a profit margin of 20-30% which is just opposite to 5% for the Amazon’s retail business.

Finally Amazon did not disclose the advertisement business outcome.



New car models have made Ford excel beyond expectation

Do you own a Ford? Read about the brand achievement that will make you proud as a car owner. Ford has always been manufacturing classy car models and the consumers are ever satisfied. Ford Motor this time has reported huge revenue and quarterly earnings that has exceeded the expectations of the analysts. The North American unit reported its best quarter and it is all because of the new car models.


Huge revenue earning

Once the earnings were declared, the Ford stock boosted higher in doing business after the opening bell. The net havoc income was $1.6 billion or you can say 40 cents per share and it’s really remarkable compared to $1.4 billion last year.

While posting the earnings in the first quarter, the automobile manufacturer excluded items of 41 cents per share which is also more when compared to 39 cents per share last year. The revenue in 2013 increased to $35.8 billion from $32.4 in 2012. The company has its biggest market in North America and it is boosted by one fifth in the quarter.

Ford revenue

The analysts expected that Ford would report quarterly earnings excluding 37 cents per share on a profit of $33.78 billion. This was the estimate from Thomson Reuters. But the end result is even impressive.

Ford is the second largest automaker in United States and the company reported that its European restructuring has begun. The profit margin of Ford has reached its peak in North America with sales that boosted up to 17%.


McDonald’s Faces Plummet in Global Market

McDonald’s faced a plummet in quarter sale of the year and it’s been claimed that it expects plummet in April too. McDonald’s being one of the largest chains of restaurant proclaimed that its overall income was marginally at hike of $1.27 billion but it’s facing a steep fall in the global market by 1%. The company complained about the competitive environment and even added the severe winter of States and Europe, to its complaint list.


For the economical and careful spender the yummy brands such as Taco Bell, Kfc & Pizza Hut has added something new to the US menus while Burger King and Wendy’s also have renovated their offerings. McDonald’s is concerned with its ‘Dollar Menu’ for which the analyst complain it’s gulping the company’s marginal profit. It had its effect at the Wall Street trading board even, where its shares were plummeted by 2%, the sales and profit figures were lower than expected.

First three months, McDonald’s underlying sales dropped by 1.2% at the US with 3% down as the operating income, inspite of this they claimed that they outperformed the challenge and there is a hike in the market share. While in Europe the sells plummeted by 1.1% and the company blamed about the economic uncertainty going on in the region.

Don Thompson, president and CEO of McDonald’s proclaimed that “for the month of April, the global comparable sales are expected to be slightly negative” and also added that they are confident about  the right plans in place to differentiate McDonald’s experience and strengthen their business momentum for a longer phase.



Surprising Decline in the Prices of Commodities

There has been a remarkable fall in the prices of minerals extracted from the core of the earth’s surface. This unnerving change in the prices of commodities has left everyone in a state of shock and surprise.


The New Turn Of Events And Its Impact On Global Market

Death bells are believed to be ringing in the current year for commodity super cycle. The global market has been adversely affected by the current scenario. Be it metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, copper or oils, the steep fall in their prices has affected the country’s economy to a great extent.

A Great Help For The Developing Countries

Developing countries seemed to have gained a lot from this sudden decline in commodity prices. Commodity exports contribute a lot in improving a country’s economy. Developing countries often suffer immensely due to erratic or instability in the earnings derived from the export. With the decline in the prices of commodities, developing countries can benefit manifold.

The Reasons Behind The Price Decline

The world renowned economists consider some of the factors responsible for the current scenario of the prices of commodities in global market. First and foremost what must be taken into consideration is the fact that due to price hike in the commodities earlier, the demand was marked to be significantly deteriorating.

However, in spite of low demands, the amount of productivity remained unchanged which is the second most important reason responsible for the sudden changes in commodity prices. The prices of the commodities are expected to fall much more by the end of this year.


U.K Shows Problems with Free Application

The consumer protection agency of UK is worried that children are being forced to purchase online via ‘free’ apps. UK regulators have started investigating into the apps and games manufacturers because they are highly targeting the children and luring them to free products but at the end they cost their guardians a fortune.


Misleading Apps

According to the fair Trading Office that some of the apps are very much misleading, unfair, aggressive, and commercially aggressive and they also go upto breaching the consumer protection laws. The government’s consumer protection agency contacted organizations that offer app-based games or free apps so that they could learn the marketing tactics. But yes, the agency would not reveal the company names.

Smart Phones Among Children

Almost all British children between age group 5- 15 own Smartphones and this trend is shooting up with years. A recent report was published by PhonepayPlus that the complaint regarding children using online apps has shot up by 300% than last year. You can call it a tremendous rise.

Apples Credit And Refund Gift

In the beginning of this Year, Apple settled a complaint filed by the parents who were very anxious with their children downloading games from app store and increased the bills to huge extent.

In answer to this complaint of the angry parents, Apple agreed to offer a$5 iTunes gift card to the parents. The company would also offer huge credits or even refund cash to the ones who can prove that their bills exceeded than $5.



Facebook allows international users can buy Gifts for their friends in U.S

Facebook started expanding its Gift product beyond the United States, the U.K users have reported. India and Canada can enjoy this service over this weekend. But it seems that the international users can send gifts to their friends who reside only in the U.S.

facebook gifts

‘Gifts’ was launched by Facebook way back in September 2012 so that the interested users can purchase digital and physical gifts via online. Yes, you can also buy it from your mobile. By the mid of December, the product was released only in the U.S.

Today evening, Facebook confirmed that it launched an update of the application which will allow people using Facebook outside U.S to send gifts to their friends who live in United States.

Matt Navarra, the U.K reader sent a screenshot of his own Facebook page. Pete Davison also reported how he received a similar notification about Gifts. On the dashboard, the users notice a note which states that they will be able to send gifts to their family and friends in United States. The Managing Director of Majestic Media, Mario Zelaya reported that he can access his dashboard right from Canada.

In United Kingdom and Canada, the Gifts in India can only be gifted to U.S users. This spreading out has enhanced the number of the Facebook audience, a new way for earning revenue. The growth of Gifts has been so far bit slowly but Facebook has earned a considerable profit.

Permitting the users to purchase gifts for their friends who stay outside U.S is a huge challenge in terms of legal issues and fulfillment. The aim is to make gifts available globally


HBO GO Might Cuddle Internet Subscription Plan

There are millions of subscribers for HBO – about 29 million on the main service. The internet streaming service called HBO GO was launched in 2010, and it allows users to stream or download all the original programs running on HBO, whatever it may be, on your PC or Android and iOS devices with HBO GO app.


The service now has about 6.5 million registered users. The current subscription model of HBO GO is such that you want to be a part of a cable TV service and also you need to pay an extra sum for getting the HBO.

That would fairly reach $100 for the monthly cable bills. This scheme is likely to be changed for the HBO GO in the coming days.

According to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, HBO GO might want to evolve with its broadband partners. “Right now we have the right model. Maybe HBO GO, with our broadband partners, could evolve.” He was talking to Reuters after the Premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3. Plepler says HBO GO could possibly be bundled with users’ monthly internet service package.

By doing so, consumers only have to pay $50 and an additional $10 or $15 for the HBO subscription. So that would only make a total of $60 or $65 in the place of paying more than $100 a month.

Cable satellite TV partners are from where HBO is receiving the major financial stakes. The new step might be a huge leap or might be a risky one for the company to change their distribution pattern from the cable providers.   “We would have to make the math work,” he says.