Robots – Wow!

Mechanical instruments have become an integral part of many work places ever since the industrial revolution. As time has progressed, so has the utilization of machines, and even robots. For some time now, entertainment and media have predicted that robots will start taking a more important role in the hands as well as daily life.

Robots are the most effective way to lessen your work and lead a super flexible life. The robots in dictionary term are identified as a mechanical or virtual artificial agent usually an electro-mechanical machine that is headed by a computer program or electronic circuitry. The robots are primarily guided by man. The whole programming is done manually. The robots are said as the helping hand of humans. They perform the job that they’re instructed to do by the humans. They perform all types of work that they’re said to do. The company termed as Swarm Robotics. They are the company that performs various kinds of robotics instruments. The instruments are supplied by this company. The robots are formed by the mechanical equipments that gather up and are formed into a robot. The main work of society is to perform this task. Robotic arm a very important aspect of a robot that makes robot work for humans. The arm is a mechanical arm, that is usually programmable that have some similar functions to a human arm.

However we have all been disappointed, or relieved, so far. Some would love the thought of having technology moving so fast, while others, weary from movies such as “The Terminator” fear it as a slippery slope, as well as a waste of my jobs for humans.

Regardless, with recent innovations the long delayed debate on what i’m supposed to do if that event were to unfold is now on the horizon. At El Camino Hospital in the Silicon Valley, a robot now patrols the halls delivering medication, food, and samples, all part of Aethon’s robot line called “Tug. ” One of a few different locations to begin using robots, the “Tug” has been a welcome new complement to the hospital, as it eases the work load of many nurses.

Continuing On With Robots

Robotics basically is a field of technology which dealt with the designing, operation, programming, and construction of electromechanical machines or robots. Robots not only find their uses in various fields, but also have a key role for educational purposes. Kids get excited just by hearing the word ‘robot’. Different robotic projects help the students to acquire the concepts practically.

With the use of robotics the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are explained and clarified to the kids in a practical approach. The kids get a chance to have a ’cause and effect learning’. Robotics is a field which has the inclusion of academic concepts and real life applications. Kids by making different robotic projects learn a lot of stuff such as time and project management, team work, sharing of resources, communication skills, and problem solving. Educational robots help the kids to expand their creativity, logical and technical thinking, together with the enhancement in the problem solving skills.

By keeping the above mentioned things in mind and to promote the concept of ’cause and effect learning’ educational robotics is promoted. Allow me to present to you one of the most effective educational robotic kit ‘LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT’. The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT is a very advanced educational robotic kit from which numerous robotic projects can be done and developed. The kit comes with different building blocks which can be interlocked and connected, different types of attachments for interconnecting different building blocks in different ways, an array of gears, different types of sensors (light sensor, color sensor, touch sensor, ultrasonic sensor), three motors, and sound sensor. Students can make different designs of the robots by connecting the building block in various forms to provide various shape and structure to the robot. Students can program the robot with the assistance of a computer after giving the design. The programming of different robotic projects can be made in GUI (Graphical User Interface) environment. It uses different iconic blocks for programming the robot in a way so that it can do the specified task in a dedicated way.

ROBOGALAXY, a pioneer in robotic education has a dedicated course curriculum for the school students for class 1 to class 12. Team ROBOGALAXY has developed a very well synchronized and organized robotic course module by keeping in mind the needs of the kids of different age groups. Let’s have a summary of the different course modules prepared by ROBOGALAXY.

This new development could drastically change the future, especially if the robots become affordable to someone with some capital available. If a small business owner in the future can afford the services of robots, it would vastly change the entrepreneur landscape. With robots there would come at the very least, a reduction in the necessity of human employees. That would cut costs dramatically, as a business owner would no longer required to pay for time card software, social security, payroll, and a lot of other expenses.

If one were to ignore part of the moral implications of having robots replace humans in many jobs, the benefits of having robots rather than employees are many. As of now, the robots simply do the jobs they’re programmed to; they don’t have any objectives other than serving you, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about your employees stealing from you. Robots won’t be taking a bit of cash off the top from your profits, and you don’t need time and attendance systems to be sure they’re coming to work on time, because your place of business is there home. Robots also don’t require medical care, or proper tax forms, maybe a visit from the mechanic every now and again, but that ’s about it.

Of course many would say that you can’t replace human judgment or personality with a robot. They would be right. Especially if your business deals heavily with customers, then perhaps a robot would n’t be right for you. Where a robot would help, is in warehouse jobs, where many tasks are considered dangerous for humans to do. That is something that many workers would embrace, not having to risk life and limb for a paycheck.

Regardless, as it is now, robots that can perform these tasks well are still quite expensive, as Aethon reports that the robots they lease to El Camino Hospital cost around $350, 000 a year. Still, it ’s always fun to dream of the future.

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