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With increasing events of burglary, the technology people have also become hyperactive. It has been noted that the demand of residential security systems have increased recently. Following updates have been made in this regard:

Wireless Alarm Systems

These are mere alarm signals travelling all around your house. These invisible waves are the most efficient home alarm system at present.


Perfect for: High-value houses and mansions.

Video Monitoring Security Systems

With something as simple as an internet access, this technology will send a video to your laptop or call you on your cell phone as soon as it notices slightest disruption at your home.

Perfect for: All time travelers.

Home Automation

Home automation, a product of Smarthome, is efficient in multi-tasking. It can control home lighting as well as security locks.

Perfect for: Multi storey houses, houses with elderly residents.

Geo-Location Detecting Security Systems

This is again linking your smart phone to your security system. The feature differentiating it from a Video Monitoring system is that it can be connected to multiple laptops and smart phones. Therefore, it allows all residents of the house to be aware of the security status of their house.

Prefect for: Busy and efficient people.

Energy Efficient Security Systems

These alarms are supposed to be connected to your home appliances such as television, iron and refrigerator. The remote allows you to turn on and off the connected appliance even if you are not at home. This particularly tricks the burglars as you can leave the television on when you are away. When the thought of your electricity bill strikes you, turn it off while biting your stake at your favorite restaurant.

Perfect for: Low-budget houses.


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