If by any chance someone was unaware of this dazzling production house, the recent release of Hunger Games and most probably the hit series on television: Mad Men would have made people fully aware of this entertainment centre. Though, many people nowadays who just stay glued to their televisions on account of being a couch potato have no business with citing their favourite movies’ production houses. But, here, it’s a different matter. We are not talking about a mini-theatre centre; we are talking about the chief pioneers in showbiz.
Lions Gate began roaring in about 1997 after its keen merger with Cinepix which opened its barricades of success. Superb hits ranging from its first ever The American Psycho to the latest blockbuster, the Hunger Games have made its fans rightfully hungry for even more lounging hits.
Though, every business sees its revenues rising and falling, Lions Gate Entertainment, despite keeping aware of its tasks and professionally carrying out them beautifully has seen less progress as it has emerged out of the cocoon and seeks to achieve maturity.

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As mentioned above, Lions Gate, though being nominated for many as 67 academy awards out of which it achieved only 17 which is about one third of the actual nominees, it is not as popular as their arch rivals, the Paramount Picture which stand aloof amongst the rest due to their submerging hit: Titanic. It is not just with Lions Gate, major businesses in the 21st century are probably facing too many cons either due to lack of interest by their professionals or mainly due to rising competition.
So, talking about its massive entertainment centre, Lions Gate has about 1300 or more titles to its off-the-hook name, majority of which have been rendered distribution to home centres and neighbouring entertainment centres as promotional gimmick.

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