Top 10 Car Adverts of All Time

Very few commercial groups try as hard to create memorable adverts as the car industry does. It’s partly because they have the budget, partly because cars are often viewed as products with real personality and finally because the competition is so fierce.

Fortunately this means that us consumers get treated to an awesome array of original adverts every year. Whether they’re funny, shocking, experimental or just downright cool, memorable car commercials continue to come across our screens thick and fast. The only real problem with this is that it makes it very difficult to narrow it down to a top ten list of our all-time favourites!

Volkswagen: The Force

An all-round favourite, nobody knows the value of cuteness better than Volkswagen as this advert surely attests. With over 57 million YouTube views, this Super Bowl 2011 headliner is considered to be the most successful car advert of all time.

Peugeot 206: The Sculptor

Like so many classic ads, this one keeps you guessing until the end. His face just says it all, the pride of ownership and personal customisation all rolled into one.

Honda Accord: The Cog

Would you believe that this entire advert is entirely real and unassisted by CGI? It took over 600 attempts for the Honda engineering team to get the set up to work but we think that it was well worth the effort.

Tragically, they did have to disassemble two of the only six hand-created Honda accords in the world in order to get the composite parts.

Skoda Fabia: A Piece of Cake

This is the most delicious car we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, the fuel economy on this particular model is probably quite poor and we don’t think it would perform well in a crash situation!

Renault Clio: Nicole and Papa

A classic 90s advert that celebrates French joie de vivre and spawned an instant catchphrase to boot. Vincent Cassel seems perfectly content to take on Papa in order to win his approval and Nicole’s hand.

Audi A4: Not My Style

Audi plays a lovely game of misdirection, turning arrogance on its head to give its A4 an enhanced image through subtle understatement. It resonates with audiences now as well as it did when it first aired, as there’s always ‘that type’ of brash city boy to hate!

Chevrolet: Bank Robbery

You’ve got to love a car company that can laugh at itself. When Chevrolet discovered that it had created a car so dull that it was practically invisible, this advert was their response to promote the forthcoming new model. That’s self-deprecating humour that we can all appreciate.

Toyota GT 86: The Real Deal

While it may be a little off-kilter, Toyota’s GT 86 advert certainly got people’s attention with its lovingly rendered CGI with the dramatic breakout into reality. The creators have managed to stay just the right side of eccentricity and leave us with a very memorable advert.

Volkswagen: Just Like a Golf

From car hire desks to boy racer garages, everyone wants their car to drive like a Golf!

Fiat Polo: Don’t Touch my Car

Never underestimate the eternal feud between drivers and cyclists! Although a touch mean-spirited, this ad does neatly tap into the territorial streak inherent in many car drivers.

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