Top 5 Weirdest Car Insurance Claims

Car insurance claims tend to be pretty routine affairs. The vast majority of them involve cracked windscreens or fender-bender damage caused by a moment’s carelessness by a motorist. At most you might expect a small amount of drama involved in the accident report as irritated motorists remonstrate with each other, but that’s about it.

However, every now and then an insurance firm will come across something that raises a few eyebrows. Occasionally, a claim will arise that is stranger than fiction but just as gripping. We’ve collated 5 genuine insurance claim incidents that must be read to be believed.

1: The Case of the Triple Whammy

car insurance claims

Imagine being involved in not one accident, but three, all in quick succession! This driver collided with the rear end of the car in front of him, he then reversed to survey the damage, piling into the front of the car behind him. He then swiftly opened the door to get out and talk with the other drivers, only to knock down a passing cyclist with the open door!

2: The Case of the Flying Mattress

car flying mattress

In December 2011, a couple from Seattle managed to cause a 3-car-pile-up because they failed to properly secure a mattress to the top of their SUV. Inevitably, after some heavy cornering, the mattress shed its rope moorings and landed in the middle of the road, causing the pile-up.

The story gets stranger though, as the female driver fled the scene leaving her male companion to deal with the resultant mess. However, when one of the bystanders caught up with her, they saw a man’s head bobbing up and down from the backseat as he tried inexpertly to hide and remain undetected.

3: The Case of the Alternative Fuel Source

car altenative fuel source

In 2009 a Cumbrian motorist filed a rather embarrassing claim describing how he had filled his hire car’s fuel tank with Pantene’s finest 2-in-1 conditioner and shampoo, mistaking it for petrol. How he managed to make the mistake of that magnitude is anyone’s guess but supposedly he believed that his hired car was ‘worth it’!

4: The Case of the Blamed Hailstorm

As a large hailstorm swept over parts of Mid-West America in the 1990’s, a large number of claims were filed for cars and other vehicles being damaged by the freak weather. However, one such claim was viewed as being hugely suspicious as the claimant’s car had perfectly symmetrical, round divots across the entire vehicle’s surface.

Case of the Blamed Hailstorm

His insurer rejected the claim, informing the client that he had clearly damaged the car himself with a metalworking hammer. Shamelessly, the claimant didn’t slink off in embarrassment but instead filed a police report stating that an unknown vandal had attacked his car with a hammer!

Despite the hugely suspicious circumstances, the claim was upheld as the insurer couldn’t prove that the claimant hadn’t caused the damage himself.

5: The Case of the Careless Shotgun Discharge

Careless Shotgun Discharge

While hopping out of his truck, a client of Hettler Insurance Agency managed to lose his grip on his shotgun and discharge it into the interior of the vehicle’s cab section. While the driver luckily escaped any injury, his truck’s interior took a serious blasting. Luckily for him, his comprehensive insurance covered the damages even though they were self-inflicted.

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