U.K Shows Problems with Free Application

The consumer protection agency of UK is worried that children are being forced to purchase online via ‘free’ apps. UK regulators have started investigating into the apps and games manufacturers because they are highly targeting the children and luring them to free products but at the end they cost their guardians a fortune.


Misleading Apps

According to the fair Trading Office that some of the apps are very much misleading, unfair, aggressive, and commercially aggressive and they also go upto breaching the consumer protection laws. The government’s consumer protection agency contacted organizations that offer app-based games or free apps so that they could learn the marketing tactics. But yes, the agency would not reveal the company names.

Smart Phones Among Children

Almost all British children between age group 5- 15 own Smartphones and this trend is shooting up with years. A recent report was published by PhonepayPlus that the complaint regarding children using online apps has shot up by 300% than last year. You can call it a tremendous rise.

Apples Credit And Refund Gift

In the beginning of this Year, Apple settled a complaint filed by the parents who were very anxious with their children downloading games from app store and increased the bills to huge extent.

In answer to this complaint of the angry parents, Apple agreed to offer a$5 iTunes gift card to the parents. The company would also offer huge credits or even refund cash to the ones who can prove that their bills exceeded than $5.


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