Yahoo! Upsets Women With No Work-From-Home Policy

When you have a choice, you may not take it. However, when you don’t, you certainly crave for at least being given the option to choose. This is probably what goes through most of us when it comes to human resource policies in companies.

Marissa-MayerMarissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo!, could not have expected anything but wrath when she took away the option of working from home from its employees.

While only a small percentage of people in America work from home, they prefer having the flexibility of opting to if required. This seems to be the general sentiment of netizens the world over with their reactions to Mayer’s decision.

The internet is abuzz with how wrong the decision is. Mayer’s decision seems to have upset working moms the most. It is imperative that a majority of women with young children will be affected by this decision.

Given the reaction of people the world over, one wonders what Mayer had in mind when she came up with this idea. One would assume employee demoralization was not her idea and that she was rooting for increased productivity.

Does taking away a privilege such as this not affect productivity adversely? Could she not go for a few changes in the work-from-policy and not do away with completely?

One wonders if the hue and cry over this will make the Yahoo! CEO revisit her decision.

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